Orange, my love

I’ve always loved the color orange. I have no idea why, but there was something about it that made it special. It made my plain, recognizable face smile, plus it reminded me of old times. I was… Well, there was nothing special about me. I was a photographer from eastern Europe with high desires and wishes for my future, but with no opportunities. Months and months, no idea blustered through my mind because my life was […]


I have always been afraid of storms. The thunder cutting the sky in half and the sounds that nature was making made me shiver. The first time I heard a thunder I was ten years old. I was lying in my bed and I couldn’t grasp the thought what was actually happening. The ceiling of my room was slowly enveloped by light and for the first time in my childhood, I was enjoying the darkness. The […]

The Present

Pearls were slowly dropping from the sky above. I could feel them softly touching my skin. My new high-heels were surrounded by tiny little pearls and I wondered how was this even possible? My father always does it over the top. I parked my car in the location indicated by the security at the house and I started walking towards the party. This was one of the places where I didn’t even want to be. […]

The Lost Soul

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Today is the perfect day for another short story article right here on the blog! My last assignment for my creative writing module was a 4,500-word short story and I wanted to give you a glimpse of what I have written. This entire story is called ‘A Broken Angel’s Trip’ and it’s about this girl that wants to persuade a career in art but she doesn’t feel capable enough. […]


NO! No, I am sorry! No! Ask me in a couple of days, please! Nah, I am really busy right now! I bet it’s great, but I can’t. No! I SAID NO! Is it hard to hear it isn’t it? To hear it again and again and again… You regret but they don’t. You look over your shoulder to see if somebody is left behind, but there isn’t because you are the only one whose […]