Happy Birthday, Papa!

She was walking down the country roads which were surrounding her house. It was her father’s birthday and she wanted to make it as special as she could. The clock rang at 9:30 in the morning, she got dressed and left to search the most interesting and special present she could find in the forest. That forest was their special place since she was a little baby. Her father used to tell her stories about […]

With love, for Europe

You appeared from sea foam. The sun was your crown. You were wearing the most delicate sand of the world. You rose to the stars. She is. You appeared when nobody believed. You gave hope to those who were dying. You were reborn from the world of those who do not speak. You gave life another purpose through love. He is. You met when nobody was still believing. You loved each other like nobody else. […]

Orange, my love

I’ve always loved the color orange. I have no idea why, but there was something about it that made it special. It made my plain, recognizable face smile, plus it reminded me of old times. I was… Well, there was nothing special about me. I was a photographer from eastern Europe with high desires and wishes for my future, but with no opportunities. Months and months, no idea blustered through my mind because my life was […]

Three Days in London – #OnTheRunII Concert

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! For the past month, I think I have been talking and bragging about the Beyonce and Jay Z concert in London – On the Run II. I am going to tell you only this – it was amazing and Beyonce is an actual queen. We’ll talk about this a bit later. I wanted to talk to you in this article about the three days Gabi and I spent […]


I have always been afraid of storms. The thunder cutting the sky in half and the sounds that nature was making made me shiver. The first time I heard a thunder I was ten years old. I was lying in my bed and I couldn’t grasp the thought what was actually happening. The ceiling of my room was slowly enveloped by light and for the first time in my childhood, I was enjoying the darkness. The […]